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AS15 Mk12
Unlocked at
Level 14

The AS15 Mk12 (Mark 12 Mod 1 Special Purpose Rifle) is a heavily modified light designated marksman AR-15 pattern weapon used by US special forces. It completely replaces the Talon HL-450 in GoldenEye Reloaded.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The AS15 is the second unlocked sniper rifle for GoldeneEye Reloaded. It is identical in sound and size to the Wii version's Talon-450, though its first-person model does not take up an entire half of the screen. This time it it is unlocked earlier, at level 14. The magazine capacity is ten rounds, or thirteen with extended mags. It has 3 attachments: the silencer, compensator, and the thermal scope. The silencer is great for stealth, the thermal great for range, and the compensator is great for accuracy.

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