Anova DP3



Very High
Rate of Fire
Very High
30, 38 (Extended)
Unlocked at
Level 42

The Anova DP3 (G36C) is a mid-level assault rifle created in 1996 by the West-German company Heckler & Koch.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Anova DP3 is considered to be the third best weapon in GoldenEye 007. It eclipces every preceding assault rifle in every catagory. It packs a good punch, is very accurate, has an awesome range and a high rate of fire. The only drawback with this weapon is due to the hign rate of fire, when first unlocking this weapon (level 41), you may find yourself running out of ammo quicker than you realise. For attatchments, you can't go wrong with anything but the thermal scope. The silencer is great for stealth, the reflex sight helps out somewhat, the laser doesn't drastically improve the weapons already great accuracy much, but you'll be best off with the ACOG scope, since the gun is already accurate, a good aim will seal the deal. The grenade launcher only gives you 2 rounds, so the ACOG wins out. In Heroes, Bond uses the Anova DP3 as his primary weapon, with the ACOG scope, and alongside a Walther P99. The weapon's power is huge, the hip-fire accuracy is phenomonal and it has infinite ammo. Good players can find themselves racking up big streaks when playing as Bond. For gadgets, the Heavy Hitter and Speed Loader are great, mines are useful and the Bio Booster will help you out in a tight situation. Whichever way you look at it, the Anova DP3 is a truly awesome weapon. Small wonder, that many scramble for a dropped one on the battlefield.

In Reloaded the Anova DP3 is both weaker and substantially less accurate; it still boasts an excellent range of add-ons and can be found in singleplayer equipped with combinations of laser sight, reflex sight, ACOG scope, silencer and grenade launcher. In line with the general nerfing of explosive weapons and objects in Reloaded the grenade launcher is extremely weak, requiring a near-miss or direct hit to guarantee a kill on even a normal enemy.

Missions Located[edit | edit source]

Goldeneye Reloaded[edit | edit source]

  • Facility
  • Airbase
  • Carrier
  • Archives
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