For the level in the 2010 video game, see Archives (2010).

James Bond, equipped with DD44 Dostoveis, in the Interrogation room.

The GRU Military Intelligence Archives can both be played in solo mission or multiplayer. In this mission, Bond has to escape his interrogation, find Natalya and get the Helicopter's Blackbox. Bond is given the Watch Magnet Attract here, like in the Bunker 2 Mission, however, it is absolutely not necessary to use it, for example, to get the weapon and the clip from the table, because it can just be picked up when you touch the desk. Furthermore, Watch Magnet Attract cannot glitchily get the Black Box out of the safe, and this item may just become unnoticed, because of the reasons explained earlier.

Solo mission[edit | edit source]

After being arrested by GRU in "Statue", Bond and Natalya are taken to the military archives building. Bond is separated and put in a room while being interrogated by Mishkin's men. Bond may need to kill them and escape the room, then either search for Natalya, who is held elsewhere in the building or talk to the Defense Minister of Russia himself, before doing so. He then can ask for the helicopter's blackbox proving Trevelyan's (former agent 006, then Janus Crime Syndicate leader) involvement in the Severnaya Incident. Bond can then break a window in the library, so he and Natalya can escape.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

PP7 Special Issue (Found on the table with a clip, Bond can either use Watch Magnet Attract to get it, or get it by himself, which may actually be slightly faster.)

DD44 Dostovei (Used by various guards, including Mishkin's Men)

Klobb (Used mainly by Russian Soldiers)

KF7 Soviet (Used mainly by Russian Soldiers)

Gadgets[edit | edit source]

Watch Magnet Attract (May just become unnoticed, as it is not that needed) (Examples of when it may not be used - PP7 Special Issue and a clip on the table.)

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Russian Soldier

Siberian Guard (St. Petersburg)

Dimitri Mishkin (if provoked)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At the beginning of the mission, there are white cabinets in the interrogation room. The one on the right drops roughly twenty-eight pistol rounds when destroyed, while the left drops nothing.
  • Natalya can be killed in the ending cinematic. If her body disappears before the cinematic ends, the mission will fail.
  • The level works like Bunker 2, in that as soon as stealth is broken enemies will start producing copies of themselves, and will continue doing so until the original enemy is killed.
  • Archives features two secret hallways, one between the small room at the top of the staircase and the long hall opposite, and the other between the two doors into the large main room.
  • Mishkin actually is killed in the movie here, but is up to the player in the game.
  • When going into Natalya's interrogation room if you look up you will see a large fan with a dark blue sky not seen in streets or depot.
  • It is possible to see that there is nothing outside the archives through the window in Bond's interrogation room.
  • Like Facility and Caverns, the multiplayer version of Archives draws the entire Archives singleplayer map but renders around half of the level inaccessible with a locked door. Using a cheating device, it is possible to configure a weapon to destroy doors and access the rest of the map; everything is present, but there are no weapon spawns or ammo crates in the normally inaccessible parts of the level.

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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