Autoguns, also known as Drone Guns, are stationary defenses normally placed to hinder the player from venturing into protected areas.

Performance[edit | edit source]

Autoguns inactively wait until the player walks into the protected area, which is normally where they can turn and fire.

They're quite deadly and accurate, when they attack, but tend to sweep from left to right; Making them more problematic at close range.

Their health varies but only a few are invincible to most attacks, and especially in the Egyptian Temple, serving more as traps than an obstacle.

Drone Guns come in different shapes and sizes to suit the level they're situated in.

  • Drone Bunkers
    • They serve as an objective as well as a obstacle to destroy. They're larger than their cousins and are housed in concrete sponsons. They can mostly be only destroyed with explosive weaponry, since the bullets won't affect them, and even golden bullets, as well.
  • Drone Turret
    • Limited range but 360 coverage, they are more often seen in open areas such as the Cuban Jungle. They also have dual miniguns to compensate for their shortcoming.
  • Wall Gun
    • Grey, boxy Sentry Gun placed in Labs, research facilities or hideouts. They can be often mounted in hard to see places, not normally visible to the player, and can catch them by surprise.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Dam (No Function and it is quite far, and on an Island, as well.)


Bunker 2



Control (Secret and 00 Agent Difficulties Only)





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