Baron Samedi


Dr. Kananga a.k.a. "Mr. Big"
Weapon of Choice
Game: Magic DD44 Dostoveis
Movie: Machete
Levels (single player)

Baron Samedi is a villain who appears only in the El-Saghira Temple bonus mission, but can also be used in multiplayer after the mission Cradle has been completed. He is at the temple to lure Bond into a trap, with unknown motives (possibly revenge). He has stolen Francisco Scaramanga's Golden Gun, and wants Bond to retrieve it. The weapon itself is in a booby-trapped room, with four turrets safeguarding it.

Due to his voodoo magic, he seemingly cannot die. He is encountered a total of three times in the El-Saghira Temple; each encounter has him taking on more armor, which depending on difficulty, could take more than one shot from the legendary Golden Gun itself. Samedi himself also dual wields DD44 Dostovei pistols, which after each encounter with him in the temple, seem to change properties from his magic. They start out as normal DD44's, then cycle to ZMGs, and finally Moonraker Lasers.

In the El-Saghira Temple, he can be found with the Russian Military by his side.


  • Baron Samedi is the 12th character in the roster.
  • He is one of three non-white characters.
  • His in-game character model appears to be modeled after the actor who played him. His portrait does not.
  • He is the final character with a portrait.
  • He presents a disadvantage to the player as his headshot range includes both his head and top hat.
  • He does not wear shoes.
  • He becomes permanently available for play after the Antenna Cradle stage has been beaten.
Color Black
Height 2/7
Sight 4/8


  • Baron Samedi's only appearace was in Live and Let Die, where his black magic was put to use for Dr. Kananga, a heroin trafficker in San Monique.
  • The version of Samedi featured in GoldenEye is based on actor Geoffrey Holder, who played the character in Live and Let Die.
  • Baron Samedi can be killed a fourth time in the ending credits of the stage, via dual controller setting (you MUST use 2.3 Domino or 2.4 Goodhead as those control setups have you fire using the second controller). The 2nd controller's z-trigger can be used to shoot Baron Samedi again and he will fall to the floor. Despite his apparent death in the cutscene, Baron's laugh will dread on until it ends.
  • After killing Samedi in the manner explained above, the cutscene is paused to an indefinite hold until the player forcibly ends it by pressing a button on the 1st controller. It is still possible to fire your weapon off and even control your weapon selection to unload all of your weapons afterward using the 2nd controller.
  • In Haitian Voodoo lore, Baron Samedi is one of the Loa of Voodoo. He is Loa of the Dead, and has other incarnations, such as Baron Cimitère, Baron La Croix, and Baron Kriminel.