The bug is gadget that Bond needs to use on things in Dam and Frigate, to help relay/transfer certain data from enemy computers directly to the MI6, and can even help in tracking down certain moving objects when it stays there. When used, Bond throws the bug straight ahead of himself in an arc. It will solidly stick to any solid surface it hits, including both walls and floors and objects, but it will not stick to guards or their weapons and hats. Usage of a bug is required mostly in Dam and Frigate.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The covert modem in Dam and tracker bug in Frigate are both bugs.
  • There's a humorous glitch with the bug. First turn on infinite ammo and enemy rockets cheat. throw the bug at any surface until no more can be placed. The player will notice that now enemies only just do the aiming animation with the launcher, but won't fire anything at all. Also player's launcher will not have the rocket in front of the barrel at all, ( Though if the player presses the fire button, he's rocket will shoot, cancelling the glitch. )

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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