The camera may be used to take a picture of an object in order to complete an objective. This camera has a zoom lens/ability. If the aiming function is engaged, the weapon will start to zoom, and you can photograph objects with this ability. However, it is absolutely not necessary to use this function in GoldenEye 007, as the photograph for the objective completion, will be taken and acquired, even when standing quite far from your target and without zooming in. The zooming of this gadget is almost as that of the Sniper Rifle. However, this function may have served to be needed to do, in earlier version of GoldenEye 007. Basically, this function may be serving no use at all in GoldenEye 007.

Bond first uses the camera in the satellite control bunker, where he photographs the large monitor in the main control room. He uses it again to photograph a GoldenEye satellite in the Soviet missile silo.

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Bunker 1


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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The camera is based on the one Bond used in Moonraker.
  • An ammo type, called "Film" on this wiki, is assigned to the camera. The camera does not actually utilize this ammo.
  • Similar to the Sniper Rifle, You can adjust the zoom, and when you're crouched, you can't stand back up when you aim. This ability of this gadget comes at 0 use, at all, and can normally be just missed, when the camera is pulled out of the inventory. This is because when something is photographed with this camera, it is not necessary to use the zooming ability of it (as it is not used normally, or at all.), as the objective will be acquired, even if the view to the object that is being photographed, is very far.
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