James Bond, completing the Caverns level in the elevator.

The Subterranean Caverns are the seventeenth level of the game. The Caverns take place underground. You walk on catwalks above water. There is a swirling ledge thats leads up to a room. There is also a hidden way to the outlet pump controls behind some lockers in an arms cache. The guards in the Caverns are Janus Special Forces and carry AR33s and ZMGs. You are required to get security cards for certain doors. When you finally find Trevelyan (he will be encountered when you first step off of the elevator; you won't find him again until you're near the end of the level), he runs to an elevator and escapes for the time being.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

PP7 Special Issue

DD44 Dostovei (Scientist (Male))

ZMG (9mm)

US AR33 Assault Rifle


Automatic Shotgun

Timed Mine

Enemies[edit | edit source]


Goldeneye 007 (Music) - Caverns

The Caverns music.

Janus Special Forces

Scientist (If provoked on difficulties higher than Agent)

Drone Guns

Alec Trevelyan

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If you have invincibility on and chase Trevelyan to the elevator, you'll see he actually disappears rather than entering the elevator. This is a design oversight, as you are never to actually see him enter the elevator.
  • If you shoot a certain crate, it will explode before ejecting a smaller crate, which will-upon being shot-release an even smaller crate. The process repeats until two computers come out. Then blow up the computers to get double AR33s. This is in the room with the radio to contact Jack Wade; it's over at the glass to your right.
  • When entering the room with the radio to contact Jack Wade, shoot the guards quickly, because one purposely throws a Hand Grenade to blow up themselves, scientist, and the radio.
  • Like Facility and Archives, the multiplayer version of Caverns draws the entire Caverns single player map but renders around half of the level inaccessible with a locked door. Using a cheating device, it is possible to configure a weapon to destroy doors and access the rest of the map; everything is present, but there are no weapon spawns, ammo crates, or scenery objects in the normally inaccessible parts of the level.
  • Trevelyan carries an Automatic Shotgun in this level, but he never uses it. Data in Trevelyan's action block however shows that the developers planned to have Trevelyan open fire at Bond at some point during the level, but for some reason programmed the action block to do otherwise.
  • The background music for this level is the longest music in the entire game, at 4 minutes and 9 seconds, beating Surface 1's background music by 3 seconds.

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