Citadel is an incomplete and unused stage resident in memory. Unlike other playable stages with a full setup 

Two player in the Citadel, thanks to Zoinkitty.

and clipped floor, only the stage background exists. It was long rumoured to exist on account of several strings of text still found in the main text bank, as well as skies and music assigned to its stage ID. It was the target of many hoaxes, most revolving around faked stage select and briefing images, unusual screenshots from existing levels, and text mods using a Gameshark/Pro Action Replay.


Goldeneye - Citadel

The Citadel's music.

  By swapping the stage background with other stages, Krijy came up with a method of viewing the rooms that compose the stage.[1] The level remained unplayable until Zoinkity built the necessary setup and clipping files.[2] A patch to add the stage into the multiplayer menu is bundled with the GoldenEye Setup Editor. Patches and an uploadable version of the stage are available at GoldenEye Forever.

Details[edit | edit source]

Overhead View

Only the basic framework of the level is complete. Textures are not aligned properly, gaps appear in the floor, and existing walls are paper-thin. The data in the original clipping file is corrupted and seems to follow different  formatting. No stage setup was provided in the release cartridge. From the general layout, it is obvious the stage was intended for multiplayer.

The sky provided with the stage is green with orange clouds.[3] Unlike rumours to the contrary, the sky does not include water. The music is unique to the stage. There is also a placeholder bank of text allocated for the stage, but it is not loaded or assigned properly. The scale is acceptable for normal-sized characters, but larger characters such as Jaws would not be able to walk along the ramps and their heads would stick through low-level platforms.

Despite having a stage ID of its own, even with good, working clipping and setup files Citadel can not be loaded using its own stage ID except in PAL games. Instead, it must be reassigned a different stage value, such as the unused slot after Silo.

Solo[edit | edit source]

Currently no single player setups exist, but there are several under development.[4]

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

Zoinkity developed two multiplayer setups for the stage, depending on the version of the patch used. One provides 20 weapons, 12 spawn points, and 3 body armor pickups. It is in backup-compatible patch form and available here. The other is more conservative, providing 11 spawn points, 2 body armor pickups, and 8 weapon pickups.[5] Other multiplayer setups were announced, but none have seen release.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The music that many speculate is the song for the Citadel can be heard during multiplayer levels.
  • Many believe that the Citadel is not a hidden level, but a level to test the movement of the characters, opening of doors, gun turrets, etc.
  • Some speculate this to be the "Streets X" song. It is possible due to the song, upon finishing the streets as James walks away, sounding like it.

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