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The Cradle is Alec Trevelyan's Control Center for both his Solar Power Plant and the GoldenEye satellite. It's purpose is to control the satellite to pull off his "high tech bank robbery" as Bond says in Cradle. It is the location for the last level in GoldenEye 007 Wii and GoldenEye 007: Reloaded.

Summary of Level In-Game (Cradle Remake)[edit | edit source]

007 must protect Natalya as she attempts to disable the satellite using the consoles in the control tower where they were both held. The sun rays bounce against the satellite and into the control room where Natalya is using the consoles, which starts to destroy the structure. After Natalya reveals that she can't stop it from there, Bond then has 4 minutes to fight through an indoor room that is being destroyed, and then an outside gantry, where the energy rays are destroying the metal platforms that Bond must cross to reach Trevelyan. As he reaches Alec, he assaults Bond in hand-to-hand combat, until he gets an Axe from a case on the wall. After losing it, Trevelyan attempts to push Bond into the laser, but instead gets pushed below it. Bond pursues Alec, and after a fight involving 28 of Alec's guards and a helicopter, Bond finds the central console, along with Trevelyan. They knock each other's P99 out of their hands, and Bond kicks Alec's P99 out of the way as they fight on the floor, and Bond regains his, and tried to shoot 006, before the Cradle starts to destroy itself. 006 and 007 both regain their P99s for one final showdown. "For England, James?" Alec asks, one final time, before Bond changes his response to "No. For me." as Bond shoots Alec in the head, killing him. 007 turns around and finishes destroying the GoldenEye satellite from the console next to him, and jumps onto a helicopter which is being flown by a Janus member, being held at gunpoint by Natalya. Once Bond is in the helicopter, it flies around the Cradle, (specifically areas in the level) which is being destroyed as the helicopter flies away. When the level ends In the Wii version, the GoldenEye satellite burns up in the sky, whereas in Reloaded the satellite looks like it falls on the structure. It is unclear, as the level fades out before it lands anywhere.

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