DD44 Dostovei

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The DD44 Dostovei is a handgun commonly found in the hands of Soviet and Russian officers, including General Ourumov.

Although it's not as accurate or quiet as the other handguns, it has the largest magazine size of any handgun in the game with its 8 bullet magazine. It can be dual-wielded in certain levels, while the PP7 can only be dual-wielded in Bunker 2.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Dam (Russian Commandant)

Facility (Ourumov, provoked scientists)

Bunker 1 (Reinforcements)

Silo (Ourumov, provoked scientists)

Bunker 2 (Reinforcements)

Statue (Mishkin)


Train (Ourumov, hidden in crate on Secret Agent)

Caverns (Provoked scientists)

Egyptian (Baron Samedi, dual wield)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During development this gun was called the Tokarev after its real-world counterpart. The name was presumably changed for legal reasons.
  • Scientists will draw a DD44 if they are shot twice in a limb and then ignored (this is on any difficulty higher than Agent).
  • Baron Samedi has magic dual DD44 Dostoveis. First it fires like a normal DD44, second, a ZMG sound, and third, a Moonraker Laser sound.
  • The DD44 can be fired faster by holding the fire button and pressing the weapon switch button.
  • The DD44 was featured in Perfect Dark as the CC13.
  • The DD44 and the Torka T3 are based on the same weapon.
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