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For the level in the 2010 video game, see Dam (2010).

Overview of the Byelomorye dam, as seen in one of the mission's introductions. This same shot was used to create its mission select photo.

Overview of Dam from one of the mission introductions on the XBLA version of the game.

Dam is the first mission in GoldenEye 007. It is located at the Byelomorye dam, which serves as the setting for the first part of Bond's first mission in GoldenEye. It is home to a Soviet military outpost, which protects the chemical warfare facility located at the dam's base.


The area surrounding the dam is mountainous, Bond must follow a twisting path through the mountains to reach the entrance to the dam. Docks are located on the lake behind the dam, and a small island sits out across the water. A storm drain runs through the dam; it leads to a hidden underground computer station where the records of the facility's transactions are stored on two mainframes.

The area leading up to the dam is protected by guard towers, a pillbox, security gates, and a small security checkpoint. Three guard towers are located on the dam itself and a heavy gun emplacement is located on an island (that area is unused). Guards are stationed all throughout the area surrounding and within the dam, most are stationary but a few have patrol routes.

Theme Song


Goldeneye 007 (Music) - Dam

The Dam music.


Silenced PP7

DD44 Dostovei (Russian Commandant)

KF7 Soviet

Sniper Rifle (found in guard towers)


Covert Modem


Siberian Guard (Arkangelsk)

Russian Soldier

Russian Commandant

Autogun (Dam Island, no function)


  • While this level has no counterpart in the GoldenEye film (which starts immediately with Bond's running across the dam and then bungee jumping), it is possibly roughly based on beginning part in the novelization of the film, written by John Gardner and based on early drafts of the screenplay by Michael France, Jeffrey Caine and Bruce Feirstein, which features a violent confrontation prior to Bond reaching the top of the dam.
  • The first area of the map is remade more or less exactly in the Wii Re-Imagining and Reloaded versions.
  • It was originally planned that Bond had to ride the truck through the earlier checkpoints as a rail-shooting section (like Japanese Virtua Cop). This was eventually "implemented" into the 2010 Wii re-imagining.
  • The aforementioned truck ride takes place partly inside a closed tunnel. Though short, it also is referenced in the DS Version, after the ADS Tutorial. The tunnel then leads to two gates with a panel that needs to be activated to open that gate. Only one of the gates can be opened at once, referencing the gate that Bond and the truck go through in the N64 version.
  • The crates in the Dam itself contain KF7 Soviets.
  • The first level of TimeSplitters 2 was also based around a Russian dam; the company that developed the game, Free Radical Design, consisted largely of former employees of Rare who had worked on GoldenEye 007, and its dam level was included as a reference or homage to the Nintendo 64 game.
  • The Russian Commandant was originally planned to be Bond's contact, and would provide him something, perhaps a key for the lock.
  • The X Track was to be used for this mission, but it was removed for unknown reasons.
  • The mountain walls were rumored to have Donkey Kong's face in the textures. Rare had made several DK games with Nintendo prior to GoldenEye 007, such as Donkey Kong Country.


  1. You can shoot through the locked gate leading up to the dam, using the sniper rifle, and the guards won't follow you.
  2. Dam is the only single player level where it is possible to trigger the infamous "paintbrush" glitch. To do this, the player must be unarmed when picking up the Sniper Rifle, then cycle back to unarmed again. If done correctly, this will result in a paintbrush-like object appearing instead of the rifle stock. This is actually Bond's arm in mission like Frigate, oriented like the sniper rifle stock.


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