Dam is the first level for GoldenEye DS. Due to the capability of the DS, the level geometry is tweaked from the other versions of the game.

Dam (DS)
Next Mission
Weapons in Level
P99 Silenced
Equipment in Level
Remote Charges (DS) Body Armor
James Bond Alec Trevelyan


Bond and Trevelyan must infiltrate the Russian Dam and find General Arkady Ourumov in the Facility.


  • Reach the middle of the dam safely
  • Obtain remote charges from the nearby bunker
  • Create an alternate path towards the dam
  • Acquire a keycard and use it to open the security door
  • Disable the dam's defensive perimeter

Weapons Edit

  • P99 Silenced
  • AK-47
  • NK-19

Walkthrough Edit

Intel Edit

Trivia and Glitches Edit

  • If the player does not crouch and use ADS when in the cover sequence, enemies will keep spawning until the player completes the ADS tutorial
  • After the aforementioned sequence above, there are two gates, both are activated by pressing a panel on the wall. One gate cannot open until the other gate is closed. This is the same as the gates in GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64.
  • For some reason, the player is forced to pick up charges from the bunker, even though there are charges in the room with the wall you are meant to blow up
  • If the player dies after blowinga hole in the wall, the debris will despawn
  • Green barrels will not explode, no matter how much firepower are thrown at them
  • All the monitors in the room where you disable the dam's perimeter look like they are all showing graphs
  • In the aforementioned room, if one screen is shot, all the screens explode
  • After meeting with Trevelyan and leaving the room, the door will close once you reach the shutter. It is possible to run back in time to trap yourself inside.
  • The final area is designed like the final area of Dam on the N64 version.
  • The music playing while Bond is skydiving is hte 007 Theme, while there is no music on the N64 version, and on the Wii and Reloaded versions, the GoldenEye theme plays with a special opening that plays into Bond arriving at the bottom of the waterfall