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Dr. Doak is a double-agent scientist in the Arkangelsk chemical weapons facility, on special assignment from MI6. As Bond's contact, he offers 007 a Door Decoder that allows him to access the bottling area. Bond tells him to escape the facility before his rendezvous with Trevelyan. Dr. Doak takes his advice and leaves before the nerve gas is released.

However, Bond can instead choose to murder the defenseless doctor after getting his decoder, which sadly, won't affect the mission status.


  • The character was based on game developer Dr. David Doak, who worked on GoldenEye 007 for the N64, and uses his likeness.
  • Once Bond receives the door decoder, he can choose to kill Dr. Doak without failing the mission. In fact, Bond doesn't need the door decoder at all on Agent, so he can kill Dr. Doak instantly before he even has a chance to speak. However, his death will still count as a 'scientist casualty'.
  • If Bond injures Dr. Doak on higher difficulties, he will not attack Bond unlike the other scientists. This is probably because they both know each other from MI6 or that he doesn't have any weapons with him at all.
  • It is possible to get Trevelyan to kill Dr. Doak. This can be done by hurting Trevelyan and thus making him attack you, then getting Dr. Doak to stand between you and Trevelyan so that the bullets hit him instead.

    The beta version of Goldeneye 007, where Dr. Doak gave Bond the Weapon Case instead of the Door Decoder.