Drumhead Type-12
Unlocked at
Level 32

The Drumhead Type 12 (Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun-12 gauge) is a low-level shotgun created in 1983 by the Italian company Franchi.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Drumhead Type 12 is considered to be the most powerful pump-shotgun in Goldeneye Wii, despite the statistics of the SLY 2020 suggesting otherwise. It is the fastest firing of the pump shotguns, and has the second highest damage per shot. However its accuracy leaves something to be desired. Despite the real SPAS-12 being capable of both semi-automatic and pump-action fire, it seems to only be capable of pump-action in Goldeneye Wii, and only semi-automatic in Reloaded. It is unlocked at level 32, and, like all other shotguns except for the PT-9 Interdictus, is unable to accept any accessories.

This gun is one of the most common shotguns in story mode, and should be used in the typical shotgun role, meaning close quarters, with tougher enemies that would otherwise necessitate a large waste of ammunition to drop.

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