GoldenEye supports dual wielding nearly every weapon in the game. The only exceptions are unarmed, the watch laser and detonator, mines and hand grenades, the taser, and the tank. None of the gadgets can be dual wielded. Normally, only two of the same weapon can be wielded at the same time. When the fire button is pressed repeatedly, the weapons will alternate shots. When the fire button is held down, both weapons will fire at the same time. It is possible for them to fire in-sync with one another, or alternating shots, depending on when the button was held.

Mixed Weapons[edit | edit source]

In normal gameplay, the only time Bond carries two different weapons at the same time is in Jungle. There Xenia attacks using an RC-P90 and grenade launcher at the same time. If Bond collects both weapons, he can similarly wield them together.

It is possible to mix other weapons utilizing a glitch, however. When dual wielding, empty a round from the weapon in Bond's left hand. Reload, then press the weapon switch button one or more times, and press start to open the watch menu while the left weapon is still reloading. After closing the menu, Bond will still be holding the same weapon in his left hand, but will have the weapon that was switched to in his right. This allows you to, for example, pair a Klobb with a KF7 Soviet in Bunker 1. The zoom property always comes from the weapon in the right hand.

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