Arkhangelsk, Russia

Sneak through the facility without being detected.

In this mission, Bond and Trevelyan part ways as they infiltrate the Facility to find Ourumov.

Objectives Edit

  • Rendezvous with Trevelyan somewhere on the roof.
  • Cross the roof with Trevelyan to enter the facility.
  • Reach the bottling room at the heart of the facility.
  • Place 4 blocks of C4.
  • Investigate Ourumov's means of escape.

Weapons Edit

  • Silenced P99
  • ARP Shotgun

Walkthrough Edit

Intel Edit

Time Trials Edit

  • Operative goal time: 03:15:00
  • Agent goal time: 02:50:00
  • 007 goal time: 02:35:00

Trivia and Glitches Edit

  • Bond's phone rings continually at the beginning of the level, until he answers it. A real phone does not ring continually.
  • If the player goes through one of the two vents, then turns around and goes through the other vent, there will be an extra objective marker from the first vent for the rest of the level.
  • The player can ignore Tanner's advice about using the phone as a distraction and simply approach and take out the guards.
  • If the lock on the door is not shot before attempting to open the door, the camera will lock on to the the electronic lock.