GoldenEye 007 (XBLA)

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Release Date
February 3 2021 (leaked)
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GoldenEye 007 (XBLA) is a remastered version of the original Nintendo 64 game, developed by Rare for Xbox Live Arcade around 2007-2008 but ultimately unpublished due to licensing constraints. It was leaked online on February 3rd, 2021.

Background[edit | edit source]

Rare was acquired by Microsoft in 2002. From 2007 to 2008, developers at Rare worked on a faithful remake to the original game which featured both the original and updated graphics - as well as Online Multiplayer through Xbox Live. However, this remaster was shelved largely due to Microsoft and MGM not being able to come to an agreement for licensing, as a result of which it went unpublished.

After rumors and videos of the remaster circulated for many years on the Internet, in late January 2021 a GoldenEye "streamer" on YouTube received a leaked copy of the game and premiered a video showcasing all missions and part of the multiplayer mode - far more of a comprehensive look at the game than had ever been seen previously (Leaked videos online).

On February 3rd, 2021, a full ROM of GoldenEye 007 (XBLA) was leaked online.

Description[edit | edit source]

Being a faithful remake of the original, the leaked game plays almost exactly like the original, differing only slightly in controls, due to the dual-analog nature of modern controllers and the different buttons available on the Xbox 360 controller, and modernized graphics. One notable difference is the exclusion of separate save slots: the game boots up straight to a mode selection screen.

The game features the original graphics as well as updated graphics - though slightly unfinished in the leaked copy - which can be changed at will during gameplay in all modes and at any time with a single button press. The leaked copy of the game does not feature an online mode on Xbox Live, but does have the ability to play multiplayer through System Link alongside standard Local split-screen.

Speculations[edit | edit source]

  • This version of GoldenEye 007, may have been specifically finished in only 2010. One of possible hints to this, is the look of Natalya Simonova. Natalya in the remaster, looks almost identical to Natalya in GoldenEye 007 for the Wii (Re-imagining). In addition, there are a lot of other similarities between the remaster and the re-imagining.
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