The GoldenEye key is a special key that controls the GoldenEye satellite. In the mission Bunker 1, Bond must copy this key with the Key Analyzer and leave original. Once scanned, this key can then be thrown away somewhere. To scan this object, you must first find it in Bunker 1, then take out your Key Analyzer through the inventory. Once done, you must press your firing key (by default should be Z key or middle button) and then after a while of the message that it is being scanned has shown, you can then press firing key again to throw it away.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In the film, this key is used to activate the computer that controls the GoldenEye satellite. This computer is present in Bunker 2, but you cannot interact with it.
  • This gadget's name is one of the few times the correct capitalization of GoldenEye is used in the game.
  • Prior to analyzing the GoldenEye key, it's possible to throw it away. The item is once again made collectible after it lands on a surface (before analyzing). However, once you've analyzed the key, you can no longer pick it up again.
  • In the inventory, the key's color changes as you rotate Bond.
  • Shooting at it creates the same sound as you shoot glass, and will contain glass bullet holes as well.
  • The key only appears in Bunker 1.
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