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The Golden Gun is the villain Francisco Scaramanga's infamous signature weapon of choice in the 1974 Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun, and is by far the strongest weapon in GoldenEye 007 (alongside the Gold PP7). Its only appearance is in the bonus mission Egyptian, but it is available afterwards as its own cheat. The Golden Gun is a high-risk, high-reward type of weapon, because it only holds one bullet at a time and must be reloaded every time it is fired. Due to its extreme power, it can instantly kill any enemy with a single shot.

The Golden Gun is also available in multiplayer in its own weapon set titled, fittingly enough, Golden Gun. It is also the main focus of The Man With The Golden Gun scenario.

In order to get the Golden Gun in Egyptian, Bond must walk through a booby-trapped room only touching the correct floor tiles. If he steps on the wrong tile, a bulletproof glass shield will surround the weapon and its ammunition, and four alcoves containing bulletproof drone guns will open. Bond must then flee the room in order to close the drone gun alcoves, which will allow him to attempt the deadly tile puzzle again.

This weapon is also available in The Golden Gun Mode on the Nintendo Wii remake of GoldenEye 007.


Golden Gun parts

The Golden Gun as it appears in The Man with the Golden Gun film (movie prop).

  1. A fountain pen for the barrel
  2. A lighter for the breech
  3. A cigarette case for the grip
  4. A cuff-link for the trigger

All of these objects, including its special bullets, are gold-plated, which lead to the weapon being named "The Golden Gun". In GoldenEye 007, the weapon is always fully assembled and cannot be split into separate parts. Noticeably, due to the graphical limitations of the N64, the in-game model has its cufflink and part of the cigarette case holding the end of the lighter missing. This was fixed in the XBLA remaster of the game.

Scaramanga obtains multiple one-hit kills with the Golden Gun, leading to its eponymous ability of one-hit kills in the James Bond games. The background section of Egyptian's briefing mentions Scaramanga, calling him the deadliest assassin of all time. In his own words about his marksmanship skills and likely the lethal power of the Golden Gun, he says in the film "I only need one". This is also a reference to the weapon's single round magazine for the highly dangerous villain.

  • The Golden Gun has the same firing sound as the D5K Deutsche.
  • Due to being a rare, secret weapon only found in the bonus mission Egyptian, no ammo boxes specifically for the Golden Gun exist in any other level. Even obtaining the weapon in said mission does not grant full reserve ammunition (except in Agent difficulty). Despite this, its cheat allows Bond to have maximum ammo for it in any mission.
  • Despite only one Golden Gun exist in both the film and the Egyptian level, Scaramanga's trademark weapon can be dual-wielded for deadly effect in missions through the use of the All Guns cheat.
  • The PP7 has a special variant based on this weapon, called the Gold PP7.
Golden Gun original

The Golden Gun's original appearance as a Colt. 45, as seen from Ian Fleming's novel.

Perfect Dark contains a homage weapon based on the Golden Gun, called the DY357-LX, owned by antagonist Trent Easton. Like its GoldenEye 007 counterpart and the Gold PP7, it is gold-plated and shots from it are always lethal. Interestingly, it closely resembles Scaramanga's original weapon from the 1965 The Man of the Golden Gun novel by Ian Fleming as both are revolvers (though a Colt Python instead of a Colt. 45 Single Action Army). It could be pure coincidence that the DY357-LX seen in GoldenEye's spiritual successor is in fact the original Golden Gun.

Alongside GoldenEye 007, due to the weapon's popularity, the Golden Gun is also featured in later James Bond games The World is Not Enough, Nightfire, Everything or Nothing (which strangely lacks its 1-hit kill power), GoldenEye: Rouge Agent, Quantum of Solace, the 2010 remake of GoldenEye, and 007 Legends. However, unlike this game (or Perfect Dark), the Golden Gun is completely unavailable for singleplayer mode in those titles and thus only can be used in multiplayer.

Hacking Notes[]

  • Oddly, when a guard is assigned this weapon, they will fire it like a normal pistol, entirely bypassing the 1-bullet limit. This can be seen in an unmodified game by using a cheat to give Bond the Golden Gun in Depot. By triggering the ending cutscene with the Golden Gun as the active weapon, and without killing the guards on Trevelyan's train, Bond will then proceed to kill the guards by firing the gun like a regular pistol. This can also be seen in the ending of the Jungle mission as well.

Multiplayer Notes[]

  • In Multiplayer, if a character has +10 health from the handicap option in the multiplayer setup, plus body armor, and then is shot once in the limbs, surprisingly, they will survive with all their armor destroyed and their health with six out of eight bars on the watch reticule remaining (due to shots on limbs have the damage output reduced to half). With this knowledge it is possible to survive up to 4 shots without dying under the conditions listed above (You would have to pick up another body armor after every shot). This also works for the Gold PP7 by hacking.

Other Notes[]

The Golden Gun is able to kill ALL characters in one hit, with the exception for:

  • Baron Samedi's 3rd phase, when shooting the limb (especially on Secret/00 Agent difficulty); It takes 2 to 4 shots on the limb. The torso may take 2 shots, but he will always die instantly by any shots to the head.
  • In 007 mode, with 1000% health setting, Jaws can take more than one shot.
  • Enemies in invulnerable states due to programming conditions on when characters take damage or not. Examples include Trevelyan in Statue and Caverns as he cannot be killed in those missions. This can easily be experimented with cheats.
  • Player opponents with the Invincible cheat turned on in Multiplayer mode.


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