Goldeneye Cheats refers to certain cheats which exist with the Goldeneye 007 N64 game. Several of these cheats have their own individual pages.

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  • In the beta version of the game, Bond was required to cross the Dam level on a boat to reach the mysterious island. At the far reaches of the level sits a protruding dock, where a boat waited for Bond. On the island he had to defeat a drone gun and a guard to acquire the pontoon gun to rappel down the side of the dam. However in the release version the idea was scrapped due to complications. Now the dock sits idly and no boat awaits. The island now sits with no guard, only an inactive drone gun. However by using the gameshark you can play the beta version and play this part of the mission.
  • Originally the runway level there was a motorbike which was intended to be in the game however was scrapped before the release probably due to the difficulty of controlling the bike in a first person shooter.
  • The truck in the dam level apparently has no purpose. Though there is speculation that in the beta version you were intended to destroy it, it was either scrapped or never taken into account. Rare responded to this and simply said it was to guide the player through the first level. However this only leads to more questions and most doubt this was the original true meaning.

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