The Hand Grenade is a weapon that can be obtained from almost every mission (ultimately except Dam). While it's rare to find an actual hand grenade pickup (like the crates in Runway), almost any guard can pull out a grenade and throw it at Bond. Grenades are difficult weapons to use as they have a timed fuse; Bond has to anticipate where his target will be when the grenade explodes. For this reason grenades are much more useful against stationary targets, like security mainframes. Guards won't react to a grenade being thrown at them unless they also see Bond.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If a guard is shot after they pull the pin on their grenade, they will hold onto the grenade until they are killed. They will drop the grenade which is not possible to pick-up due to its pin pulled and it is about to explode. If they are killed before the pulling of the pin happens, however, grenade may sometimes be completely invisible. It can be picked up when it is clear that the guard didn't pull the pin on it. The grenade can also be shot while it is still in their hand to cause it to explode.
  • Pressing and holding the fire button will pull the grenade's pin and prepare it for throw. It can then be "cooked" to throw at enemies and objects. If the grenade is held without its pin for too long, however, it will explode. Oddly enough, guards who do that similar action, don't have their grenades exploded.
  • Scientists are able to throw grenades, and use them much more often then some of the guards. They will do this, if they are first provoked to pull out a DD44 pistol to attack Bond.
  • It is possible to destroy the communications link in Surface 2 without obtaining the room key. Simply throw a grenade through the window in back of the antenna building. However, it can be very difficult on any difficulty higher than Secret Agent.

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