Helicopter Pilot
French Military
Weapon of Choice

The Helicopter Pilot is a character only available in multiplayer. Judging by his position in the lineup, he was most likely supposed to be in Frigate, along with the Pirate helicopter, but he didn't make the cut. The only other helicopters in the game, besides the Pirate, are a Spetznaz troop helicopter in Surface II and the helicopter piloted by Natalya in the cutscene at the end of Cradle.

He wears a blue helmet, and a blue pilot's jumpsuit.


  • He is the 20th character on the roster.
  • His face model is based off "B".
  • He wears a helmet which presents a disadvantage to the player as his headshot range becomes larger.
  • He is miniscually taller than most characters because of his helmet.
  • He becomes permanently available after the Antenna Cradle stage has been beaten.
Color Deep Blue
Height 4/7
Sight 4/8


  • In the movie, Xenia dispatched a helicopter pilot as he was about to take off and stole the helicopter. This was the only time the multiplayer helicopter pilots appeared in the movie, the next two were Russian pilots who were working for Janus.
  • Also in the movie, a helicopter pilot was piloting the helicopter which killed Xenia.
  • The final helicopter pilot in the movie worked for Janus. Natalya held him hostage in order to get Bond off the Antenna Cradle. Once he drops them on the ground, he flies the helicopter away, and is never seen again.


In character hacking, he cannot be replaced as he has a unique head and body.