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Ivana Spec-R

Ivana spec r..jpg

Unlocked at
Level 56

The Ivana Spec-R (Tavor Assault Riffle-21st Century) is a high-level assault rifle designed by the Israel Military Industries and produced by the Israel Weapon Industries starting in 2001.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Ivana Spec-R is often found in the "cradle" levels, carried by Janus soldiers. Like the Anova DP3, the Ivana Spec-R has a very fast rate of fire (comparable to most SMGs), however, the damage done per shot is much higher. High damage with a fast rate of fire makes the Ivana particularly suited for the silencer. The base accuracy of this gun however, is lower than one might expect for an automatic unlocked at 40+ levels, especially when hip-firing. Unlike the Anova however, the accuracy does not significantly degrade when firing on full-automatic.

The most glaring weakness of this gun is actually its hip fire accuracy, which can be easily remedied by using either the laser pointer attachment or the Snap Shot gadget. Even when aiming down the sight (ADS), shots fired before the sight is completely aligned are still considered hip-fire, thus snap-shot and/or laser pointer often increase the effectiveness of ADS kills. Because of its large damage and fast rate of fire, when coupled with the laser pointer or Snap Shot, the Ivana Spec-R becomes an extremely formidable gun for hip-firing and making quick ADS kills.

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