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Jaws is a villain who appears only in the bonus Aztec Complex mission, but is also available to play as in multiplayer. In Aztec, he has once again been employed by the Drax Corporation, this time to protect a stolen Nasa space shuttle carrying an unknown military payload. Bond must defeat him as he carries a Security Smart Card with him which you will need to progress further in the level.

Jaws is a very tall man, and capable of taking far more bullets than any normal guard throughout GoldenEye 007 due to possessing very high armor. At the higher health percentages of 007 mode, it takes more than one Golden Gun/Gold PP7 bullet to take him down, while regular and armored guards die instantly even at the maximum 1000% health percentage.

In his possession are dual-wielded US AR33 Assault Rifles, which he uses in deadly effect.

Status of Jaws


  • Jaws is the 10th character on the roster.
  • He is the tallest character presenting a disadvantage to the player.
  • He has the tallest line of sight.
  • His in-game character model is based off the actor who played him, Richard Kiel. His character portrait does not seem to be.
  • He is permanently available after the Antenna Cradle stage has been beaten.
  • Jaws' actual height appears to be 2.18m (7'2")
Color White shirt, Brown Pants
Height 1/7
Sight 1/8


  • Jaws has had roles in two Bond films. His first appearance was in The Spy Who Loved Me, where he served as a henchman for Karl Stromberg. His second appearance was in Moonraker, where he became a henchman for Hugo Drax, but later helped Bond to defeat him by turning on his employer. It is unclear why Jaws is once again Bond's enemy in this level.
  • In Aztec, since dual-wielding has the character fire with their arms outstretched and Jaws uses the long-barreled AR33 as his weapon, he cannot hit Bond at all if the player moves close enough to be touching him. As there is no melee attack for enemies, Bond is safe here and can kill him from there. However, due to him being quite fast, it is less likely that it will be possible to run up to him in that safe distance, as even at that distance he will very quickly be able to shoot Bond, at some point, as well. So this may not be a recommended option. Also, sometimes he can fire with one AR33, instead.
  • Jaws also appears as an enemy in Everything Or Nothing, where again his reversion to evil is unexplained.
  • Jaws gains a girlfriend in Moonraker named Dolly, who never speaks.
  • Jaws only talks once, in Moonraker. He says to his new girlfriend, "Well, here's to us" as he opens a bottle of champagne.
  • The version of Jaws featured in GoldenEye 007 is of the late actor Richard Kiel, the only person to have played the role to date.
  • Jaws does not die in the films, but can do so in GoldenEye 007 or later Bond games.