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Jungle is the twelfth level in GoldenEye 007 for Wii and GoldenEye 007: Reloaded.


After learning more about Janus, Bond heads to Nigeria by Aeroplane to investigate a Pan African Solar Power Plant that has been recently built there. However, Bond's aeroplane is shot down by a surface-to-air missile and he must find the Solar Power Plant on foot.



  • Find the Solar Power Plant


  • Disable the drone guns (Agent)
  • Destroy the ammunition caches (007 / 007 Classic)





Video Walkthrough:

Janus EmblemsEdit

Body armourEdit

Body armour locations in 007 Classic mode are as follows:

  • Next to the door of the room with the ammunition crates across the pipe bridge (from where you start the area)
  • In a container at the very beginning of the Xenia Onatopp fight

Trophies / AchievementsEdit

  • Phone a Friend - Get 20 kills with hacked drone guns in the Jungle level.

Changes, trivia and glitchesEdit

  • The Wii version's SAM is just an exhaust glow, while Reloaded recycles a missile model from Carrier.
  • At the far side of the crashed Aeroplane's forward fuselage is a hard-to-find Vargen FH-7 with iron sights and a Silencer, presumably the weapon Bond bought with him.
  • Hacked drone guns in the Wii version track and fire slowly enough that hacking one will usually raise the alarm. Drone guns in Reloaded track and fire instantly, simply snapping from one target to another rather than tracking them, almost always killing all targets in an area before the alarm is raised.
  • The hitboxes of the drone gun controls are larger in Reloaded, making them easier to activate. Most obviously this allows the left-hand drone gun in the area with waterfalls to be hacked from below, making the area enormously easier.
  • In the Wii version the ammo dump furthest from the entrance to the room with the large pipe bridge has such a huge lethal radius that it actually has to be destroyed by shooting it through the window since standing anywhere in the building is instant death; this blast radius is decreased in Reloaded.