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Jungle Commandos are the enemy guards that are dressed in green woodland-pattern camouflage, and wear LBVs (load bearing vests). Some wear helmets.

They can be found in the Cuban Jungle level where they are there to protect the entrance to the Janus base which houses a computer to control the GoldenEye satellite to fire on London. In the Control room itself, they must protect the base from infiltration and the computer system that controls the GoldenEye satellite. Once computer security is breached, they will try to stop Natalya from re-coordinating the GoldenEye satellite, while occasionally shooting at Bond, as well.

Weapons Used

The Jungle Commandos use AR33s in the Jungle and D5Ks in the Control Center. They can throw grenades.


  • They are the 30th character on the roster.
  • His head is based off "Joel".
  • He becomes permanently available after the Antenna Cradle level has been beaten.
Color Green
Height 4/7
Sight 4/8


  • In screenshots from a pre-release version of GoldenEye, the Jungle Commando made an appearance in the Silo mission. They may have been used as a filler before the Russian Infantry were chosen, or perhaps before they were even designed. After all, the Jungle Commando is the first costume model available in the list.
  • In the movie, similar to the game, Jungle Commandos appeared in the Jungle and the Janus Control Center.