The KF7 Soviet can be found in nearly every mission in the game, making it one of the most common weapons. It is an assault rifle with a short zoom that increases its use. This weapon is best used by firing in short bursts rather than full automatic mode to help improve its accuracy. Tapping the fire button will cause it to fire three bullets in a short burst; however, if you use the aiming ability, tapping the fire button will only cause the weapon to fire once. Its first appearance is in the Dam mission, while its final appearance is in the Depot mission, where it is ammo-less.

Appearances[edit | edit source]




Surface 1

Bunker 1


Surface 2

Bunker 2




Depot (Ammo-less)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • During development, this weapon was called "Kalashnikov AK47" and was based after its real-world counterpart, however, in the movie it is being based on the Chinese "Norinco Type 56-1" rifles modified to look like AKS-74s that were used there. It is not particularly clear why this name needed to be changed, since "the West" has historically never respected Soviet copyright claims, and the "Izhevsk Mechanical Plant" has "never" referred to the weapon as AK47 anyway. However, the name may have still been changed for legal reasons.
  • This weapon's model was drastically changed before release. While both are similar and resemble a Type 56, the final model has a sleeker appearance. A screenshot of the old model is shown in the images section below.
  • The KF7 Soviet was featured in Perfect Dark as the KF7 Special.
  • Russian Soldiers and Russian Infantry are most often found with this weapon.
  • It is found in every St. Petersburg level except for the Train.
  • In Depot it cannot be used without the Infinite Ammo cheat, due to the fact that these rifles there are oddly empty of any ammo.
  • Due to the Nintendo 64's graphical limitations, some players claim it, quote "resembles a pencil" during gameplay when using the weapon.
  • Being that this weapon is found in quite a number of Locations in GoldenEye 007, it is also not a popular weapon.

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