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Rate of Fire

The MJR-409 (RPG-7) is a unguided hand-held anti-tank Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher created in 1961 by the Russian company Bazalt. Its first appearance is in the Dam level.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The MJR-409 is the only rocket launcher in the game, launching an explosive rocket which will explode on contact with the first thing it hits. The rocket is substantially slower in the Wii version than in Reloaded, and has substantially higher splash damage in the Wii version than in Reloaded.

Missions Located[edit | edit source]

  1. Dam - Found by returning along the Dam to the wreck of the truck Bond and Trevelyan used, then climbing the tower. Two launchers are found here.
  2. Airbase - Used by a guard at the exit to the first large room on a high walkway. Unusable.
  3. Outpost - Found near the last weapon chest, leaning against a wall. Also used in battle around crashed aircraft by Janus soldier on high, inaccessible platform (unusable).
  4. Bunker - Used by enemies during escape sequence; possible to backtrack and get a launcher, and several are found after crossing the high walkway, though there are no enemies in the level to actually use the launcher against after this.
  5. Tank - Used by most infantry units in the level. Unusable.
  6. Station - Used by enemy on a high platform after going through a low tunnel. Can be picked up in area to right of large room with cranes, in tunnels to right (Wii) or on large high platform to right accessible via ladder (Reloaded).
  7. Solar - Found towards the end of the outdoor section, and in an alcove near the start of the final battle. Also used against Bond during the final battle at the base of the tower, used by inaccessible enemies.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

The MJR-409 is not included in online multiplayer; however it is included in a split screen loadout alongside a Torka T3. It carries the Distraction, Bio-Booster and Light Foot perks, and is not recommended as the loadout only has 2 rockets total, and the Torka T3 is a relatively poor backup.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A trophy / achievement, "Rocketman," is granted for killing at least one enemy with the MJR-409 in Dam. The easiest way to achieve this is to get to the launcher and the AK-47 with ACOG Sight in the chest opposite the tower, fight to and climb the tower at the far end of the Dam, then target the two groups of reinforcements coming from the helipad.
  • The weapon appears in the Solar Assault Mi6 Ops mission twice, used for destroying a helicopter. It comes with additional grenades, but if all supplies are used up, the mission cannot be completed. It is best to play the mission with unlimited ammo enabled.
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