Masterton M-557

Masterton m557.jpg

Rate of Fire
12, 15 (Extended)
Unlocked at
Level 52

The Masterton M-557 (USAS-12) is a high-level shotgun created in 1987 by the South Korean company Daewoo Precision Industries.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Masterton is the final shotgun unlocked in Goldeneye 007 at level 52. The fear/thrill factor of this weapon is tremendous. It is the only automatic shotgun in the game. A single Masterton shot is slightly less powerful in comparison to other shotguns (for more manageable recoil), but delivers damage at a more rapid rate because of its automatic fire. Like real life automatic shotguns, Masterton is an unparalleled weapon at close range. Masterton is a thrill of exhilarating rapid firepower, it's like picking up the spreader in Contra (it's GO time!), but can also be a frustrating weapon for those who attempt point blank conflict against others with both more experience and this top tier shotgun.

Shotguns are best weapons for close range, each shot containing an explosion of many pieces/pellets (or detonating explosives/shrapnel etc) each shot. Masterton has very rapid automatic shotgun firepower when it's needed, but can burn thru all 48 shotgun shells too quick with unmanageable recoil if you don't limit your fire. It can also be effectively used against consecutive close range enemies because each magazine contains 12 preloaded shotgun shells.

One of the best ways to counter against players using Masterton when you haven't unlocked it yet is to pick one up that other players drop (remember which players are higher level so you know when to look, and you also gain XP when you use a new weapon you haven't used/mastered yet). A pump shotgun can be an effective counter at close range if you are an accurate hotshot with quick aim. A Rifle or SMG is an effective counter if you keep your distance. (shotgun bullets explode and spread, meaning great damage up close but greatly limited accuracy/damage with ranged shots).

Like all shotguns, there is no primary attachment with a Masterton. In 'Heroes' game mode, Zukovsky uses the Masterton as his primary weapon (with improved power, accuracy and infinite ammo).

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