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Mayday (also spelled May Day) is a villain who was included as a special bonus character by Rareware in GoldenEye 007. May Day is not included in any of the mission stages, but is available in multiplayer as a selectable character. She can also be seen in the cast list that plays during both the opening and ending credits.


  • Mayday is the 9th character on the roster.
  • She is one of three characters in the game with darker tone of skin, including Baron Samedi and Oddjob. However, Oddjob has slightly lighter tone of skin, then Samedi and Mayday.
  • She has a slim build.
  • She becomes permanently available after the Antenna Cradle stage has been beaten.
Color Grey shirt, Maroon skin
Height 3/7
Sight 4/7


  • May Day made her only appearance in the film A View to a Kill, where she served as the lover and personal bodyguard of the villainous Max Zorin.
  • Grace Jones is the only person to have ever played the role of May Day, and her likeness is used in game.
  • May Day is ultimately a deceased character, as in the film, she intentionally blows herself up with a bomb.