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Memorial Park is the eleventh level in GoldenEye 007 for Wii and GoldenEye 007: Reloaded.


Bond investigates the Memorial Park to find out more about the Janus group and gets a very nasty surprise!



  • Explore the Memorial Park


  • Obtain Photographic Evidence of Janus Technology





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Janus EmblemsEdit

Body armourEdit

Body armour locations in 007 Classic mode are as follows:

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Changes, trivia and glitchesEdit

  • In Reloaded, Memorial Park is the most heavily changed level in the entire game in visual terms.
  • Bond gives his P99 to Natalya at the start of the level and still has it when the level begins.
  • In the Wii version the level is a closer remake of the breaker's yard for Soviet iconography that the original Statue level took place in. Statues of Lenin, Stalin and various Soviet symbols can be seen in the distance. In Reloaded these are replaced with apartment blocks, with only a few large pieces of geometry (most notably a Lenin head and a female statue torso) remaining from the original.
  • In Reloaded the small security station in the area after the first sewer contains an Ivana Spec-R with a silencer and one with no attachments. Since both weapons only have 30 rounds, it is impossible to get ammunition for one from the other, as rounds in a weapon's loaded magazine do not count as "free" ammo.
  • Above the exit to this area in the Wii version is a large statue called The Motherland Calls which is actually in Volgograd, around a thousand miles away. It is much too small, though a roughly correct torso is found in the opening area. This is also not correct, as it is shown as sheet metal over a steel frame; The Motherland Calls is made of stone.
  • In the large area with the central statue, a mesh fence to the left of the entrance in the Wii version is removed in Reloaded.
  • The third item of evidence is a server in the Wii version, a box nearby in Reloaded.
  • Recording the radio conversation is the only time in the entire game when the player is actually forced to be stealthy.
  • The soldier having the conversation is standing in front of a radio in the Wii version, while in Reloaded he is staring at a blank wall.
  • The destruction of the helicopter appears to have been based rather too closely on Hollywood special effects; the burning wreck is quite clearly just a metal frame with nothing inside it.