Minimize scientist casualties is a much-loathed objective added to several of GoldenEye's missions during the development of the game. Scientists are considered non-military personnel by the game and as such Bond is not allowed to harm them. The game usually allows Bond to kill a small number of scientists before the objective is failed.

Duncan Botwood takes credit for creating the objective. In his own words:

I also planned most of the objectives including the cheap-ass 'Minimise Scientist Casualties' one, of which the small dark part of my game designer soul is evilly proud.

Technical[edit | edit source]

A guard is considered non-military personnel by the game when their ID bits are set to 00100000. Scientists, civilians, and hostages all use these same bits. The game checks the number killed with Action F7.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This objective replaced other objectives in a few missions. Escape from gasplant in Facility and Pursue Trevelyan in Caverns. Presumably these were changed because they were things that needed to be done to complete the mission anyway, although several objectives of that nature still exist in other missions.
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