Statue's introduction, showing the mission location.

The beginning of Silo's moving introduction camera, which spins down the launch tube towards Bond.

Every mission in GoldenEye begins with an introduction, which usually gives a brief overview of an important part of the stage. All stages have more than one introduction, which is picked randomly on starting the mission. Large text is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen which gives the location and number of years before the main storyline if applicable. If cheats are enabled the cheats in use will be also be displayed in the introduction.

After the introduction scene is shown the game will switch to a moving camera focused on Bond, the complexity of this camera's movement varies from stage to stage but it always ends by going into the back of Bond's head, which fades out and transitions directly into the first-person view.

Technical[edit | edit source]

Both parts of the introduction are created in the mission's intro block. The still overviews are created with 04 Intro Animation objects and the moving camera is created a 03 Step in Swirling Intro Camera object for each turn the camera makes.

Missions will work fine without introductions. If the moving introduction isn't present the game will simply transition directly to the first person view.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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