Moonraker Elite (Female)
Drax Corporation?
Weapon of Choice
Moonraker Laser?

The female Moonraker Elite guards only appear in multiplayer. It is assumed that they would have had the same responsibilities and been armed with the same type of equipment as their male counterparts had they been included in single player.

Generic FemaleEdit

Blonde/Long Hair Brunette/Long Hair
Blonde/Short Hair Brunette/Short Hair


  • They are the 33rd character on the roster.
  • Her head is based of "Vivien".
  • She has a slim build.
  • She has rosier hands than most characters.
  • She is slightly shorter than the short females.
  • She is permanently available after the Antenna Cradle level has been beaten.
  • She is the last character awarded for beating the Antenna Cradle level.
Color Bright Yellow
Height 6/7
Sight 4/8