PP7 Special Issue (also known as the PP7 for short) is James Bond's weapon of choice. The player will have this gun in most missions. It is much more accurate compared to a DD44 Dostovei and has average damage. The PP7 can also help with conserving valuable ammunition, due to the considerable high accuracy of the gun and considerably easy aiming system of GoldenEye 007.

Just like its silenced counterpart, it has a magazine size of seven rounds.

Appearances (In Order from first to last)[edit | edit source]

  1. Bunker 1 (held by Russian Commandant.)
  2. Frigate (Given to Bond with the Silenced D5K Deutsche. Silenced D5K Deutsche, however, is held first in the beginning of this mission.)
  3. Statue (Given by default.)
  4. Archives (Set to the table right next to Bond, with an ammo clip. Along side him are the Russian interrogators who will shoot him if he even picks up the clip).
  5. Streets (Given by default. Considering the fact that this weapon was previously taken from the interrogation room.)
  6. Depot (Given by default. Bond held it in the previous (to this) mission.)
  7. Train (Given by default. Bond held it in the previous (to this) mission.)
  8. Jungle (Given by default.)
  9. Control (Given by default. Bond held it in the previous (to this) mission. However: this weapon is also held in this same mission by B. Grishenko, who will try to threat Bond with it. Shortly after pulling out this gun, it will slip from his hand, and will fall to the ground. After which, Boris will put his hands up in the air, and will beg for mercy. It is up to Bond to either: let Boris live (Thus not jeopardizing the given objectives) or kill him (Thus failing the objective, and being scold for this by Natalya)).
  10. Caverns (Given by default. However: the automatic ZMG gun, is held first in the beginning of this mission. Bond is seen reloading and preparing it in the elevator.)
  11. Cradle (Given by default. Bond held it in the previous (to this) mission.)
  12. Aztec (Given by default.)
  13. Egyptian (Given by default.)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During development, this pistol was called the Walther PPK after its real-world counterpart. The name was presumably changed for legal reasons.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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