The RC-P90 is a powerful and accurate personal defense weapon with a massive ammo capacity and extremely rapid rate of fire. It is fairly rare, only appearing in three of the game's missions. It is able to penetrate many objects, including doors. A single shot causes slightly more damage than a Phantom or AR-33, but the power is just short of the Cougar Magnum or the Moonraker Laser.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Train (Inside the crate at the very end of the train level - on Agent only)

Jungle (held by Xenia with Grenade Launcher in another hand)

Caverns (held by several guards - more specifically - by some guards in the room with the heavily protected area, next to a radio - that, if not being careful - can be destroyed by several things.)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This weapon is based on the real-world FN P90. No prerelease screenshots using this name are known to exist, but an unused text string can be found for it in Perfect Dark. This string seems to have been lifted from the ones used by GoldenEye's inventory during development.
  • It's possible that this weapon's fictional name was inspired by the Reality Co-Processor, the Nintendo 64's graphics processing chip.
  • In the Water Caverns, it is possible to find guards dual wielding the RC-P90. These guards will only show up after Trevelyan disappears into the elevator.
  • The most popular variant of this weapon - is it's dual held variant. It even has it's own cheat in the cheat menu.
  • The weapon was voted #4 in GameFly's "Best. Weapons. Ever".
  • The RC-P90 was #6 on UGO's list of "The 50 Best Weapons of All Time".
  • The real-world variant and the weapon from Counter-Strike - FN P90 - only holds 50 rounds in its magazine. It is speculated that the RC-P90's 80 magazine may actually been a mistake due to directly giving the RC-P90 0x50 (that is, 80 in hexadecimal) bullets rather than 0x32 (50 in decimal).
  • The RC-P90 has the largest magazine capacity in the game.

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