Most weapons have a limited magazine and will reload after so many shots. If a weapon's magazine is depleted, the weapon will automatically reload. If the fire button is held down when the magazine is emptied, it must be released before the automatic reload will take place. It is also possible to reload manually at any time, provided the magazine isn't full. The action button for the selected control style will reload the currently held weapon(s), provided there isn't another interactive object directly in front of the player. If Bond is not carrying enough ammunition to completely refill the magazine, it will be filled as much as possible. Any ammo in the magazine at the time of the reload is not lost.

GoldenEye does not have unique animations for each weapon. The currently held weapon(s) will simply be lowered off screen, two clicks will be heard, and will be raised again topped off.

Notes[edit | edit source]

A glitch exists which allows you to pair dissimilar weapons by opening the watch menu while reloading.

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