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Remote Mine (or Mine (Remote)) is a weapon that is one of the three types of mines found in GoldenEye 007, the other two being Timed Mines and Proximity Mines. Remote mines are arguably more useful than the other types of mines as they can be detonated at any time.


From left to right - the view of the detonator in the watch menu; the view of the detonator from first person (Nintendo 64)

The view of the detonator from first person (XBLA)

Detonator is a weapon that always comes paired with the remote mine, in the appearance of a watch. Pressing the fire button causes it to detonate any remote mines Bond has placed.

Unfortunately, the watch menu view of the Detonator for the XBLA does not have the model itself, and thus it will only show the name.



Surface 2 (Different function)




  • Remote mines can be detonated at any time by pressing the A Button and B Button at the same time while the remote mines are the active weapon. This allows mines to be detonated much faster than switching to the detonator and can be a life saver (or ender) in Multiplayer. In the hands of a skilled player, this is arguably the deadliest explosive in the game.
  • Only six remote mines can be detonated at a time. The behavior of any mines over this amount changes based on the version of the game being played:
    • US: Additional mines disappear without detonating.
    • European: Additional mines will automatically detonate in groups of six until none remain.
    • Japanese: Additional mines remain and must be detonated manually.
  • The Three mines are based on the remote mine seen in the GoldenEye film
  • Placing mines on ammo crates in multiplayer causes the mines to become invisible when the ammo crate is picked up. The mines can still be manually detonated after this.

Online Multiplayer Strategies (2010 GoldenEye 007)

  • If you attach a remote trigger mine to your teammate, after he dies you can detonate it and hopefully blow up the enemy. Note: the downside to this strategy is that the enemy may shoot the mine on your friend and blow your teammate up. However I am not sure if this works purely because I have never put a remote mine on my teammate.
  • If you attach a remote trigger mine to an inconspicuous place on a Goldeneye console, when that console is being hacked by an opponent (which you will see on your HUD) you may detonate your mine with your smartphone thereby killing the enemy and preventing him from completing his hack. (no downside, however the enemy may destroy mine before hacking if s/he spots it)
  • Probably put some mines in the place where the enemy won't even notice, like on some door/passage way. Make it hidden enough and make sure that it's not too obvious or else they will see them.


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