The rocket launcher fires a single RPG attached to the front of the launcher. It must be reloaded after each shot, making it a slow weapon. The rocket launcher can only be obtained in Streets and Depot but has two cheats dedicated to it, including one that gives it to every guard in at the start of a mission.

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  • The rocket launcher's appearance and magazine size changed during development, and was shoulder-fired instead of handheld. It could hold three rockets at once, which could be fired in rapid succession.
  • The rocket launcher was available in Aztec at one time.
  • Rockets are subject to gravity; while at first it appears they travel upwards forever, they will eventually come crashing back to earth. The best place to see this is in Surface 1 and Surface 2, where there are large, open areas.
  • The rocket launcher appears to be based on the Type-69 RPG however it has been painted grey and has no wood grain finish on it.

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