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Rosika is a secret character only available in Multiplayer.

Unlike the rest of the secret characters, Rosika is unique in that she is the only one of the 31 secret characters that does not wear a Dinner Jacket. Instead she wears a shirt with a similar look to the Female Scientist's shirt except it is short-sleeved and the hem goes all the way down to her knees. She also wears white shoes.

It's absolutely unknown what was the purpose of this character, and why this character was added to GoldenEye 007 as a secret character.


  • She is the 34th character on the roster.
  • Her head is based off "Marion".
  • She is a short female.
  • Her hands are rosier than most characters.
  • The only way to access her is to use a button code or cheat device.
Color Dull White
Height 6/7
Sight 7/8