Russian Commandant
Soviet Military
Weapon of Choice
Levels (single player)
Dam; Surface (i); Bunker (i)


The Russian Commandant is found in the Dam, Surface I, and Bunker I levels. Unlike most generic enemy characters, there are exactly three in the whole game. They seem to be the head officers of their respective operations. Despite being commanders, they are the weakest enemies in the game; even regular Russian Soldiers are more dangerous opponents by virtue of having superior weaponry.

The one in the Dam is in charge of protecting the Dam and its data. He is found in a guard shack.

The one in the Surface I is in charge of protecting the communications dish and holds the key to the communications room. He is found in a cabin.

The one in Bunker I is in charge of protecting the GoldenEye satellite key and its data. He is found in an additional room in the main hall where the GoldenEye key is held.

They all wear brown Service Alpha uniforms with a Sam Browne belt, and wear an officer's cap.

Weapons Used[edit | edit source]

Each Russian Commandant uses a different weapon:

In the Dam, he uses a single DD44 Dostovei, a pistol familiar with military officers.

In Surface I, he uses a single Klobb.

In Bunker I, he uses a PP7. In this level, he can also throw hand grenades.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

  • He is the 17th character on the roster.
  • His head is based off "Martin".
  • He becomes permanently available after the Antenna Cradle stage has been beaten.
Color Golden Brown
Height 4/7
Sight 4/8
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