The Russian Soldier is a Russian military guard armed with a variety of weapons and wearing a green uniform, with a russian Side Cap called "Pilotka". They are the most abundant of enemies in Goldeneye 007, and appear in several missions. They seem to be under the command of Colonel Ourumov (later general) and the various commandants. In Mission 1 (Dam, Facility, Runway) their main objective is to protect the chemical weapons facility. In Bunker I, they guard the GoldenEye satellite key from falling into enemy hands. In Mission 6, and their final appearance (Archives and Streets), they are ordered by General Ourumov to eliminate Bond and try to stop him after his escape.

Weapons Used[edit | edit source]

The Russian Soldiers may carry 4 weapons, these include: Klobb (Service Runway and some others (Sometimes used dually)), KF7 Soviets (Dam, Facility...), Grenade Launchers, and Rocket Launchers (Streets only). Their main weapon is "KF7 Soviet". Russian Soldiers are allowed to use Rocket Launchers in the Street level, to counter the Tank that Bond may want to use. In that same level, only one of them will carry a Grenade Launcher.

Tactical Analysis[edit | edit source]

  • Russian Soldiers will try to avoid getting shot by Bond, but in most cases, will just stand still and shoot from this stance. They seem to shoot from the hip whenever they are standing and shooting, though sometimes they seem to aim from the shoulder even though their KF7 Soviet lacks stock, like the original weapon it was taken from.
  • They have low HP and can usually be killed in 3 or 4 shots in chest, and 1 shot in the head (as headshots triple the damage).
  • Russian Soldiers tend to randomly decide what to do immediately following Bond; they may open fire, take a knee and open fire, combat-roll, or perhaps simply rush toward Bond and then shoot. Or they may stop following Bond and stand completely still all of a sudden after running away from them to a safe distance and waiting.
  • Their accuracy is somewhat subpar, but Russian Soldiers appear in large numbers. They don't reload their weapons, and will continually shoot long full-auto bursts at the player without running out of ammo. Their hitting and damaging varies in difficulty: if on Agent difficulty, they will rarely ever hit their target, and once they do, their damage will not be too significant, then on 00 Agent difficulty it will be much more significant, and their target will be hit once every burst of their fire.
  • Russian Soldiers, when not alerted, will either follow a certain path or stand in place. They have a short delay before they are alerted; a player can often peek from a corner and kill a Russian Soldier before they can react.
  • It should be understood that Russian Soldiers do not actively flank the player intentionally- their tactics are limited to shooting and attempting to dodge bullets coming their way.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

  • They are the 13th character in the roster.
  • The Multiplayer Russian Soldier's head is based off "Mark".
  • They are permanently available after the Antenna Cradle stage is beaten.


Green uniform, Brown boots





Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like in GoldenEye 007, in the original movie Russian Soldiers were the most frequently-seen hostile characters.
  • Russian soldiers vary in their headgear; most wear nothing or "Pilotka" side caps, while some wear steel helmets.
  • The Klobb russian soldiers in the Bunker 1 and Archives wear red berets. In Runway, these soldiers don't wear berets.
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