Picture of the tank in action

The Tank is a vehicle that appears only in the St. Petersburg Streets mission.

General Edit

At the end of the Archives, Bond is seen taking the tank and riding outside. The tank, only used in the St. Petersburg street level, is an excellent help for defeating those tons of soldiers, trying to kill you while you are pursuing Ourumov. This tank will take a lot of damage before being destroyed.

Functions Edit

The tank is armed with a Minigun. The Minigun locks onto infantry (RPG-armed guards) and infinite bullets, but it will overheat if it fires too much without stopping. The tank also features heavy duty shells, shot off straight. Last but not least, the tank has seeking missiles. When you lock-on to an enemy, a noise will sound, signalling that you can fire your missile. Once fired, the missile either follows or tries to intercept the enemy.