GoldenEye Wiki

Multiplayer scenarios are special game modes that can be selected from the multiplayer menu. They can add special scoring rules, play conditions, or fix settings to specific values.

Listed here are all the original scenarios in the game, as well as the known user-created scenarios that are available through cheats or hacking.

Original Scenarios[]


The scenario ends when either the time given has past or a certain number of kills achieved.

The Living Daylights (Flag Tag)

The winner is the one who holds the flag the longest.

The Man with the Golden Gun

Kills made with the golden gun stay with the gun. The one who holds it gets these points.

You Only Live Twice

Each player only gets two lives. Last one standing wins.

License to Kill

One-hit kill mode.

Team scenarios - 3vs1, 2vs2, 2vs1

Two teams compete against each other. Requires either three or four players.

New Scenarios (user-created)[]

Live and Let Die

The player with the longest "inning" is the victor.

Shaken, Not Stirred

Scoring is based on accuracy and damage dealt. Headshots net the highest score.