Scientist (Male)

Male Scientist

Facility: Soviet Military

Silo: Russian Military

Caverns: Janus Crime Syndicate
Weapon of Choice
Levels (single player)
Facility; Silo; Caverns

The Scientist character is found in the Facility, Silo, and Caverns levels. In Facility, they are working on chemical weapons for the Soviet Military. In Silo, they are working on rocketry for the Russian military. In Caverns, the scientists control the pumps that make the GoldenEye satellite submerge or emerge from the ground. It is unknown if they work for Janus or if they are being forced to help. A theme in Single Player is the Minimize Scientist Casualties objective where you cannot kill too many scientists without failing the mission as they are non-military.

Weapons UsedEdit

The Scientist does not normally use weapons. However, on Secret Agent, 00 Agent, or 007 difficulties, the scientist can pull out a weapon under certain conditions. A weapon must be pointed at a scientist until he is in the surrender position, then must be shot in a limb. He will try to shake off the pain and surrender again. Shoot him in a limb and after he shakes off the pain once more, he will reach into his coat and pull out a DD44 Dostovei and start shooting. After a while, but more frequently in Facility, he will pull out a Hand Grenade. Even though he attacks you, you still cannot kill too many scientists without failing the mission. With the All Guns cheat, it is possible to make a scientist hostile on Agent difficulty using a Klobb or a Shotgun.


  • The Male Scientist is the 15th character in the roster.
  • His head model is based off "Dave".
  • They only become permanently available for play after the Antenna Cradle stage is beaten.
  • The Male Scientist in multiplayer is the same character model as Dr. Doak.


White Shirt/Black Pants





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