The shotgun fires five pellets ahead of Bond in a cone shape, making it nearly worthless over long distances but useful at short range. Each pellet does less damage than a normal weapon but a target hit by all five pellets will take as much damage as if they had been hit by a magnum or laser. It is in every way inferior to the automatic shotgun and was most likely removed from the game for this reason. Another reason for its removal, is that it kind of resembles the automatic shotgun as well, just with lower graphics.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This weapon can only be obtained using cheats; it is not found during normal gameplay.
  • During development, the shotgun was available in Archives without cheats.
  • The shotgun is tied with the tank for being the loudest weapon in the game.
  • This weapon is based on the Remington 870 folding stock.
  • This weapon has a unique world model, which can only be seen by hacking.
  • When the player reloads the Shotgun with 4 shells in reserve, the shells in the rack on top of the gun will be used. This is, however, a completely cosmetic change.

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