Siberian Guard (St. Petersburg)
Russian Defense Ministry
Weapon of Choice
Levels (single player)
Statue; Archives

This Siberian Guard is found in two levels: Statue Park and the Military Archives, both in St. Petersburg. They wear black military overcoats.

In the Statue Park, they only appear at the end, with Mishkin. They are holding Natalya captive to take her, and Bond, in for questioning at the Military Archives. They will not shoot unless you fire first. They wear berets, but are not armored. In the Military Archives, they appear to be the main interrogators of suspects as they interrogate both Bond and Natalya.

Weapons Used[edit | edit source]

In Statue Park, they aim KF7 Soviets at Bond but will not use them unless fired upon. In the Military Archives, they fire both single and dual DD44 Dostoveis.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

  • They are the 26th character on the roster.
  • His head is based off "Lee".
  • He uses the same body outfit as Mishkin.
  • He becomes permanently available after the Antenna Cradle has been beaten.







Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the movie, two Siberian Guards are seen during Natalya's arrival in St Petersburg, and that is their sole appearance. Unlike the game, Russian Soldiers apprehend Bond and Natalya in the Statue Park, and additionally no Siberian Guards were present in the Military Archives.
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