Siberian Special Forces

Siberian Special Forces

Surface (i): Soviet Military
Surface (ii): Russian Military
Weapon of Choice
Levels (single player)
Surface (i); Surface (ii)

The Russian military's arctic special operations forces. The Siberian Special Forces wear gray body suits and masks with goggles to protect them from the snow.

They are only found in the two Surface levels. Their mission is to protect the satellite dish from being compromised and protect the Bunker from being breached. In Surface II, they must also protect a helicopter. In the ending cutscene to Surface II, one enters the Bunker and prevents Bond from escaping through the way he came in.

Weapons UsedEdit

The Siberian Special Forces carry Klobbs and KF7 Soviets, mostly. In Surface I, they carry an even mix of the two. In Surface II, most use Klobbs while a few use KF7 Soviets. The Siberian Special Forces member who enters the Bunker (II) in the ending cutscene to Surface II is carrying a KF7 Soviet. Only on the Surface I level do they carry Sniper Rifles making them able to shoot from great distances. They are the only enemy to carry Sniper Rifles.


  • They are the 29th character on the roster.
  • He has a unique face as it is concealed by a mask.
  • The voice is male.
  • His hat makes him miniscually taller than most generic enemy characters.
  • The hood of his cap, though small, can increase exposure to headshots.
  • They become permanently available after the Antenna Cradle stage is beaten.
Color Grey
Height 4/7
Sight 4/8


In character hacking, he cannot be replaced as he does not have a generic head and body.

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