Sigmus 9
Sigmus 9
Rate of Fire
Unlocked at
Level 5

The Sigmus 9 is a different weapon depending on version; on the Wii it is a Heckler & Koch HK94 with a cut-down barrel and SEF trigger pack (since it has an unlugged barrel and no paddle magazine release), while in Reloaded it is an MP5-N, an MP5A2 model fitted with a Navy trigger pack. Its first appearance is in the Facility level.


The Sigmus 9 is the second SMG on Goldeneye Wii Online Multiplayer unlocked at level 5. It has; a high rate of fire, 30 rounds in the magazine (which you burn through very quickly), and average damage and accuracy.

It is a big improvement over the Sigmus, having higher accuracy, greater range, a 30 round magazine and dealing more damage. This makes the Sigmus obsolete, as it performs better in every single way.

Want to upgrade to a more powerful Submachine gun? Look for the Stauger UA-1 or the Strata SV-400.

Missions LocatedEdit

Goldeneye Reloaded:

  1. Facility


The Sigmus 9 is a commonly used submachine gun, being included in a vanilla loadout, as well as being a very low-level unlock. Even the higher ranking players perfer this weapon over others because of its balanced statistics, as well as being receptive to almost any accessory. Players who use this weapon most often prefer to skip the reflex sight and attach a silencer or a laser sight. It is highly recommended to add the perks heavy hitter, speed loader, or an extended magazine.